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When travelers book directly on, they’re unlocking the full potential of their stay at our hotel.

Same great rates, no fees.

The rates shared with partners like Expedia, or Kayak are set at the same prices that can be booked right here on our New Haven Village Suites website! Often partners will display special rates or discounted programs to make their price appear a bit lower, but as users drill down and make selections, they may find their stay type doesn’t qualify or inventory is unavailable. Additionally, as they complete the checkout process they could be hit with fees and charges that don’t exist when booking direct. Why pay more for the same hotel room?

Maximum reservation flexibility & room options.

The New Haven Village Suites is unique and specific room types may only be made available when booking through our official website and reservation system. Increase travel flexibility using our easy online booking process to get the right room to suit your needs, add special amenities to a reservation or request the room options needed to make your stay in New Haven successful. Additionally, by booking directly, travelers can reduce the confusion created by a third party or intermediary when making changes to reservations.

Guaranteed reservations with a generous cancelation policy.

Book with confidence. Standard reservations are instantly confirmed on our secure website and are typically accompanied by a standard 48-hour cancelation policy. Some reservation types and advanced purchase rates offer a lower price point however they are excluded from this cancellation benefit. Each reservation offers a complete rate rules detail during the booking process.

Website-Only promotions and our Best Rate Guarantee.

Booking directly on may provide special access to promotions such as complimentary welcome amenities, upgraded Internet service or other discounts. These perks can only be accessed when booking directly through the website.